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Ibiza Karate Club

The Ibiza karate club currently teaches martial arts at the Magdalena's Fitness & Spa and Mariana Jefferys' residence. These regular weekly classes will cover all aspects of training and give continued improvement. Karate lessons are available for juniors aged 5 years to 13 and adults. See below for club locations and training times.

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Magdalena's Fitness and Spa

C/ Salvador Camacho8
07840 Sta Eulalia
(opposite Xarc Secondary School)

Visit the Magdalena's Fitness
and Spa website

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Every Monday

16:00 - 18:00

Mariana Jefferys' residence

(Either on the terrace or the Residential gym, depending
on the weather)

Mariana Jefferys
423 Residencial Antares
Calle Poeta Maria Villamgomez 12
Santa Eulalia

Tel: 600 487 193
Mobile: 672 774 049
From UK: 01273 808172

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11:00 - 13:00
Courses of specific training
ie. Kata, flexibility & sparring

The Ibiza club facilities (fully air conditioned)

Ibiza Karate Club Ibiza Karate Club

Ibiza Karate Club Ibiza Karate Club Ibiza Karate Club

Note: Students should arrive approximately 10 minutes before the start of the session.

All Keibudo Instructors are vetted on the Police National Computer (PNC) under the Data Protection Act 1998, 'Subject Access Provisions' and KeiBudo Karate has a comprehensive Child Protection Awareness Policy for training in a safe environment.

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Ibiza Instructor

Sensei Mariana Jefferys

Sensei Mariana Jefferys (1st Dan)

Sensei Mariana has been doing karate for 10 years and has been under the direct tutelage of Sensei Keith Boardman for the last three. In spite of full time work, Mariana has decided to accept the privilege of becoming the Sensei for Keibudo Ibiza. She is a dedicated Martial Artist and has 2 children, Daniela, 14, (1st Dan) and Cristina, 9, (3rd Kyu) who are both active members of the club. Between them they have won over 50 Medals and Cups including at the NATIONAL ALL STYLES Championships in the UK.


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