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Keibudo Chief Instructor & Founder

Welcome to my profile.
I am Sensei Keith Boardman, the founder and Chief Instructor of Keibudo Karate.

I founded Keibudo Karate in January 2003, after 15 years of study in a traditional Karate system, during which time I served as an instructor for 10½ years.

I was born in June 1964, and fell in love with the Martial Arts at the age of 10, when I sneaked in to see Enter the Dragon at the cinema. I remember we all came out hopping around thinking we were Bruce Lee, but something stuck with me and it became something I always wanted to do.
So here I am!

It seemed like the right thing to do, and I'm pleased to say I have never looked back. Martial Arts has given me a great sense of purpose and direction, along with helping me keep fit and healthy. To be able to give some of that experience back, through my own Martial Arts system, is a wonderful feeling. It is clear that, no matter what Martial Art you study, everyone is trying to do the same thing - to develop our mind and body and to protect us when we feel threatened. So it doesn't matter what martial art art you study, as long as it works for you, just keep an open mind and you can learn from anything and anyone!

Keibudo Karate is based on natural response.

To use your natural reaction, and put a technique on the end of it, then develop the technique until that becomes your natural instinct. I have trained with instructors ranging from 1st Dan's to 10th Dan's in Tae Kwon do, Tang Soo Do, Wing Chun, Shotokan, Kenpo, and Ju Jitsu!

All martial art instructors believe that what they are doing is the best! I have learned more from all of them, than just one of them! Keibudo eliminates unnecessary movements but still maintains a traditional strong root foundation to balance, stance work and Kata. I chose a freestyle system because I didn't want to be tied or restricted to just one form or movement! There are many great Instructors based all over the world and fortunately; they are now starting to network with each other through the many groups and organisations that have sprung up in the last few years. I want to travel more and experience as much as possible. I believe that if it can help me, then it can help in the guidance and security of my students, which should be the sole aim and responsibility of any Instructor.

I recently visited the grave of Bruce and Brandon Lee, it was an amazing feeling to be so close to the person who inspired me and helped me become who I am today! I hope you enjoy our website and that it helps you to get involved in a Martial Art!


Name: Keith Boardman
Birthdate: 03/06/1964

Grading History:
1st Dan 29/11/1992
2nd Dan 27/11/1994
3rd Dan 25/01/1998
4th Dan 06/02/2000
5th Dan 14/10/2004
6th Dan 19/04/2011
7th Dan 14/05/2018

Tournament History

  • Gold Medal Kumite Silver Medal Kata 1991 Club Nationals.
  • Gold Medal Kata Silver Medal Kumite 1994 Club Nationals.
  • Bronze Medal Kumite 1995 Club Nationals.
  • Gold Medal Kata 1996 Club Nationals.
  • South East open championships 1997.
  • Bronze Medal Kata 1997 Club Nationals.
  • Silver Medal Kata 1998 Club Nationals.
  • Team Coach South East open 1998.
  • Gold Medal Kata Bronze Medal Kumite 1999 Club Nationals.
  • Gold Medal Kata Bronze Medal Kumite 2001 Club Nationals.
  • Bronze medal Kata Bronze Medal Team Kumite 2002 Club Nationals.


  • National Instructor of the year 2000 Ty-Ga Karate.
  • Self defence coordinator for EF Language School 1998-2003.
  • Self defence coordinator for T.G.G. School since 1999.
  • National Kata coach for Ty-Ga Karate 1999-2002.
  • National Instructor of the year EUSAIMAA 2002.
  • Black Belt Hall of Fame Member EUSAIMAA 2002.
  • Founded Keith Boardman's Keibudo Freestyle Karate Schools Jan 2003.
  • National Registration with NAKMAS National Governing Body Mar 2003.
  • Awarded 6th Dan from Nakmas Apr 2011.
  • Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of fame award Nov 2013


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