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Read what some of our students have to say about KeiBudo Karate...

Hi Sensei, Thanks for your reply, but I should point out that it was your training and your system that worked for Talei, so thank you.
Frank Perren, Keibudo Ibiza

Keibudo Rocks, there's no other club like it! Great training, great people, great courses, great Sensei! Oh and the Christmas party is pretty awesome too!
Josh Doidge, 2nd Dan Torquay

Keibudo has it all, I have been training over 7 years and have loved every minute!
Kath Bradbrook, 1st Dan Exeter

Keibudo Karate has given me great fitness and concentration; it's even helping me focus better for my exams! Looking forward to the winter outdoor course.
Dan Hazelton, 1st Dan Exeter

Since training in Keibudo Karate, I have really developed my technique and flexibility. I have also made some really good friends; there is a great community spirit within the club.
Sarah Ellis, 1st Dan Exeter

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My children started training before me, Haydn was only 6 and James 8, I have watched them grow through the training at the club, now James and myself are Black belts and Haydn will hopefully earn his Black belt later this year! The boys have been training since 2003 and myself since 2005... Loving it!
Colin Meilton, 1st Dan Torquay

I have been with Sensei Keith since I was 19 years old and I am now in my 30's. I have seen the club go through many changes and every one better than the last. Thank you Sensei for giving me the chance to be part of your teaching staff and Keibudo Karate for all these years.
Sensei Andy Wale, 3rd Dan Torquay

When Sensei Keith took over our club, he took us to a whole new level in technical explanation, the mechanics, anatomy and science of movement and that was just with basic Karate drills, the advanced stuff is amazing, it's so involved!
Sensei Nick Kathawick, 4th Dan

With Keibudo Karate, you are not just getting a karate club, but a chief instructor that actually cares about his students. He is compassionate and understanding and knows how to say just the right thing to get you back on track and keep your love for training very much alive.
Sensei Simon Rowledge, 4th Dan

I have been teaching Torquay juniors now for a couple of years thanks to Sensei's faith in me. As a mother with 3 children, training is not just an escape, Keibudo is as much about life as it is Karate!
Sensei Rosalyn, Collett 2nd Dan Torquay

Keibudo is as great for women as it is for the men, equal in every way. The training is tough but so enjoyable; I have a lot more focus in day to day life too, as the advert says' it gives you wings!
Jasea Dillon, Blue belt Exeter

My 2 boys and I have been training for nearly 3 years already, it's so good to do something with your children that you can all relate to and talk about together and the extra health and fitness they are getting is wonderful, I think I am more hooked than they are, but don't tell them that!
Zeki Akbayir, Purple belt Torquay

I have only been training with Sensei Keith for 5 months, but can say that Tuesdays and Thursdays are now my two favourite days. Karate is now and will be a massive part of my life. It's a privilege to be part of such a group. It could literally change your outlook on life, and improve it in ways you'd never think of. Is it worth trying it to find out for yourself?
Dave Orrell, Orange belt Torquay


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